The Wrath and the Dawn


This is a re-telling of the story 1001 nights, or the story of Scheherazade. In this edition of the tale, Shazi volunteers to marry the King, Khalid in order that she can kill him. She is in love with another, but due to the death of her best friend who had been beheaded by Khalid, she walks into the mouth of the lion. This rendition has many intriguing new details to the story that I had not heard. The cultural significance and beauty in this novel is quite appealing as well.


It tells a classic story in a new, enlightening way. There is mystery and intrigue-and a surprise ending. What drew me in the most was the foreshadowing the author does throughout the whole book before she tells why the king acts the way he does. The subtle hints do not prepare you to discover the truth. You’ll never guess it.


There will be a sequel to this, which I am highly anticipating. If you want a classic re-telling of an intriguing story-this book is for you. It will captivate you and keep you up till all hours of the night to devour its secrets.



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