I Am Her Revenge

I am her Revenge. This book makes quite the statement by its title alone. One can understand that this story means business.

Raised since infancy to break men’s hearts, Vivan has been taught how to flirt, flaunt, and fish for compliments with men. she knows how to tailor herself to any guy, but she does not know how to love them. Her mother is demanding that she attend a private school and convince one of the star students and athletes to fall for her. This is not an easy task as an old friend shows up, and Vivian is challenged by who she is on the inside, and who she is being demanded to be on the outside.

Rumors and murder skirt around every page. There is no length Mother and her henchman will go to to get the job done. As the truth comes out chapters away from the end, you will be found gasping from the candor that leaps from these pages. The lies go very deep.

This story will keep you on the edge of your seat, rooting for the Vivian that is inside.


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