Discreetly disappointed

I just finished my most recent choice from the depths of the reading world-A Madness of Discreet by Mindy McGinnis. The story is set in the early 1900s in Boston and Ohio. The plot tells of a woman named Grace who is in an insane asylum because she got pregnant out of wedlock. She is not actually insane. However, she has had some strange things happen to her in the past that don’t allow her to cope well with her current situation.

Before digging into the book, I was enthralled by the cover. I was also drawn in by the promise of a murder mystery and how Grace and the local asylum doctor, Thornhollow, would work together to solve it. The cover showed a woman in a dress with her hair wild around her. It looked very intriguing. With a name like “A Madness so Discreet” I assumed this would be an intense book.

I could not have been more wrong. The book sure did show how Thornhollow and Grace work together to solve the mystery, but the focus was more on Grace and her intellectual insanity. The climax of discovering the killer was not really a climax at all. It was like climbing up on a pile of snow that is melting as fast as your pulse is quickening.

I suppose, when you think about it, Grace’s madness is not shown much until the end of the book. The reader discovers that she did in fact let her past demons get the best of her in a situation. So with that, her madness is discreet because it is unseen, and so in that-the author has actually triumphed. I applaud you Mindy, I do. You did achieve what your title suggested would come, but it was not much of a thrill ride. I guess it is just my taste in certain books that caused me to walk away from this disappointed.


I Am Her Revenge

I am her Revenge. This book makes quite the statement by its title alone. One can understand that this story means business.

Raised since infancy to break men’s hearts, Vivan has been taught how to flirt, flaunt, and fish for compliments with men. she knows how to tailor herself to any guy, but she does not know how to love them. Her mother is demanding that she attend a private school and convince one of the star students and athletes to fall for her. This is not an easy task as an old friend shows up, and Vivian is challenged by who she is on the inside, and who she is being demanded to be on the outside.

Rumors and murder skirt around every page. There is no length Mother and her henchman will go to to get the job done. As the truth comes out chapters away from the end, you will be found gasping from the candor that leaps from these pages. The lies go very deep.

This story will keep you on the edge of your seat, rooting for the Vivian that is inside.

The Wrath and the Dawn


This is a re-telling of the story 1001 nights, or the story of Scheherazade. In this edition of the tale, Shazi volunteers to marry the King, Khalid in order that she can kill him. She is in love with another, but due to the death of her best friend who had been beheaded by Khalid, she walks into the mouth of the lion. This rendition has many intriguing new details to the story that I had not heard. The cultural significance and beauty in this novel is quite appealing as well.


It tells a classic story in a new, enlightening way. There is mystery and intrigue-and a surprise ending. What drew me in the most was the foreshadowing the author does throughout the whole book before she tells why the king acts the way he does. The subtle hints do not prepare you to discover the truth. You’ll never guess it.


There will be a sequel to this, which I am highly anticipating. If you want a classic re-telling of an intriguing story-this book is for you. It will captivate you and keep you up till all hours of the night to devour its secrets.



Hello again. It has been a while since I’ve written, but life has been crazy great, and I’m finally getting time to write about all the great books I’ve read. One I really wanted to share with you is Rook. This book I waited months for. Regency England, spies, romances and the like. I loved it. There were so many surprises and curve balls thrown into this 456 paged thrill ride.

To keep it simple-the main character Sophia and her family are in ruin. She arranges to marry Rene Hasard to save her family. But-she has a terrible secret. She is the Rook- an infamous criminal who rescues good people who have been imprisoned and are going to be beheaded. Twist: Rene is the cousin of the leader of the Government’s army who has it out for the Rook. They live in a futuristic time where the world has fallen into a ruined and dangerous place. The Sunken City is where the Government beheads anyone who is wealthy so there can be no uprising. Across the channel is the Commonwealth who lives a little better, but they also live in fear of losing their heads.There is some strange religious thinking on the part of Rene’s cousin. Fate plays a big picture in the story.

There is a lot of cat and mouse in this story, but the suspense and intrigue are amazing. It is appropriate romance wise and I appreciate that about writing that comes out in today’s society. There are quality books out there! Hooray!!


Can we just talk about the cover real quick, too?? It’s gorgeous. The greenish gray colors and destroyed Paris really set the tone for the mood of this book. Man. Just read this book because of the cover!!

Be strong in word and deed. Read on nerds!

Paper Towns full of Paper People

Let me just begin by saying how much I love John Green’s writing. He is hysterical. his characters are alive and they make you feel alive. some authors struggle to really make the reader grasp the depth of the characters they are creating, and sometimes characters just l have no real depth at all. John Green is able to create characters with depth and life. Characters that make you want to cry with them and laugh with them. Paper Towns was full of lots of surprises, especially at the end. I didn’t expect things to go the way they did. (I won’t spoil it for you.) Anyway, at the end of the book, Green writes a lot about people. All throughout the book actually, he writes about people and the view of themselves through their own eyes, and how they are perceived through others’ eyes. Does anyone really know the real you? Are you honest about who you are to those around you? Basically Paper Towns could be said to be in “identity crisis” novel. Margo doesn’t know who she is, and so she has to run away to find out who she is. We should be comfortable in our own skin and not apologize for who we are. I appreciated the fact that Green has his characters bring out the best in each other, too. Because of his search for Margo, Q becomes a lot more confident in himself. If you are looking for a book that will make you think, and laugh, definitely pick this up from the library, then go check out the movie.

Paper towns Quote

Hello world!

We all have dreams. My dream has been to be married (check), own a home (check), and have a Language Arts teaching job (check). I have also always wanted to have a blog where I share what I have been reading and review books. I love, love, love reading and so I just decided that I’m going to do it. I will ALWAYS take suggestions for books, within reason of course. sometimes the books will be fiction, religious, or non-fiction. I want to not only broaden my horizons, but yours as well. Give me a follow and enjoy!